Campaign diary

Navalny activist in Kemerovo jailed for three days


Boris Pavlov, deputy coordinator of Navalny’s campaign in Kemerovo

by Sarah Hurst

The deputy coordinator of Alexei Navalny’s campaign headquarters in Kemerovo, Boris Pavlov, has been jailed for three days, according to the local campaign coordinator, Ksenia Pakhomova. Eight plain-clothes police officers also came to Pakhomova’s flat this morning, took the keys to the flat and a phone from her boyfriend, and briefly detained him, she tweeted. The “rapid reaction force”, as she called them, waited at the entrance to Pakhomova’s building, but she managed to escape.

Yesterday Pakhomova said that police had come to the campaign headquarters, but she took all the leaflets about the voters’ strike and got away. “It’s not every day that I run away from the police half-dressed through the ice with a rucksack full of strike leaflets,” she tweeted. “Interesting experience, exercise, cold weather training, socialising. I think I got a cold, that was their plan, but I’ll still go out to the peaceful action on January 28 for all of us.”

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