Month: March 2018

Navalny shows vote-rigging rife

by Sarah Hurst A volunteer with Alexei Navalny’s campaign has obtained three voter registration slips from different polling stations in Moscow, Navalny said on a video published on Tuesday. Ilya Pakhomov got the slips in the space of 30 minutes and could have got many more if he […]

Navalny’s supporters in St. Petersburg jailed

by Sarah Hurst Five supporters of Alexei Navalny in St. Petersburg were given jail sentences today, ostensibly for “violations” during the protest against Vladimir Putin’s rigged re-election on January 28. Alexander Mironov was jailed for 15 days, Yekaterina Shlikhta, Ilya Gantvarg and Viktor Cherkassky for 10 days, and […]

Putin holds a dictator’s rally

by Sarah Hurst Vladimir Putin held a “For a strong Russia” rally at Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium today, a venue which will also host the World Cup final in July. There were multiple reports of state employees being bribed and cajoled to attend, including a tweet by reporter Marc […]

Putin displays his nuclear weapons

by Sarah Hurst Russia’s military might is its crowning achievement, Vladimir Putin made clear today in his annual speech to the Federal Assembly, as he showed a series of videos of nuclear weapons and prototype weapons that he claimed have no parallel anywhere else in the world. The […]