Campaign diary

Two Navalny supporters in Kirov jailed

Screenshot (3973)

Navalny’s campaign team in Kirov wrote on VKontakte about the arrest of Georgy Uspensky as he was coming out of his home.

by Sarah Hurst

Two Navalny supporters in Kirov were jailed today – Georgy Uspensky, an assistant to the coordinator of Navalny’s campaign headquarters in the city, for five days for organising a rally on October 7, and volunteer Richard Rouz for three days for non-payment of a fine, OVD-Info reported.

Later in the evening OVD-Info reported that Navalny’s campaign coordinator in Veliky Novgorod, Konstantin Pokhilchuk, had been jailed for three days. Pokhilchuk had previously been charged with “demonstrating a Nazi symbol” in connection with a video that appeared in his VKontakte video list in which a drunk man danced a Caucasian Lezginka in front of a Christmas tree and decorations in the shape of a swastika.

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