Campaign diary

Stanislav Belkovsky searched

Screenshot (3099)

Stanislav Belkovsky (left) spoke by phone to Dozhd TV

by Sarah Hurst

Well-known liberal political scientist and Dozhd TV presenter Stanislav Belkovsky has told the channel that authorities searched his home in Moscow “in connection with the YUKOS case” this morning. The search was one of many being carried out today that target employees and supporters of Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s Open Russia organisation.

“The detectives wanted proof that I laundered thousands of billions from Khodorkovsky’s foundations and used the money to run my own presidential campaign,” Belkovsky told Dozhd. The search lasted for three hours and was conducted by four detectives and two Spetsnaz officers with a hacksaw, he said. The visitors confiscated Belkovsky’s electronic devices.

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