What are Alexei Navalny’s policies?


Navalny debates with a United Russia member in Novosibirsk. Photo by Evgeny Feldman from


Navalny has criticised the government for rescuing failing banks with taxpayers’ money.


Navalny promises to reduce taxes on small business and regulation and make Russia’s economy less dependent on oil and gas. He would also cancel the Plato lorry drivers’ tax that sparked mass protests.


Navalny has said that billions of roubles are being sent to Chechnya, but the money isn’t reaching the people. He also accused Ramzan Kadyrov of ordering the murder of Boris Nemtsov.


Navalny quoted Western economists’ estimate that 80 percent of Russia’s GDP is held offshore. He believes he can bring the money back. He says he will jail corrupt officials.


Navalny once famously said that Crimea “isn’t a sandwich” and can’t just be handed back to Ukraine. But he has also said that no one in the world is going to recognise Crimea as Russian and that trying to keep it is costing Russia far too much.


Navalny sees no need for government regulation of cryptocurrencies.

Death penalty

Navalny says he is categorically against the death penalty.


Navalny says he would abolish conscription, which has become “a tax on the poor”. He promises to stop Russia’s involvement in wars, “open and covert” – “which are making us poor”.


Navalny says he would stop writing off foreign countries’ debts, as Putin has been doing.


Navalny tells crowds that Russia has no healthcare, AIDS is widespread, the mortality rate is high and he would like to be able to get a free MRI.


Navalny has promised to open the archives of the NKVD and the KGB.


Navalny promises to shut down government media watchdog/censor Roskomnadzor and says oligarchs will not be allowed to own media outlets “because they manipulate public opinion”.


Navalny says he would introduce a visa requirement for people from Central Asian countries to limit the number coming to work in Russia.

Political system

Navalny says he would dissolve parliament and announce new elections in which all parties could participate.


Navalny says he is a religious believer but “I don’t like when the church gives orders to the Investigations Committee”.

Same-sex marriage

Navalny says he would follow the path of the United States and hold regional referendums on same-sex marriage.


Navalny says he sees foreign countries as global partners and wants to trade with them.


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