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Putin’s leniency

by Sarah Hurst Today the Moscow city court reduced the sentence of Andrei Kosykh, who participated in Alexei Navalny’s anti-corruption protest of March 26 in Moscow, from four years in prison to three years and eight months. Kosykh, a 30-year-old freight handler who had dreamed of becoming a […]

Navalny’s message from prison

Blog post by Alexei Navalny translated by Sarah Hurst Original: https://navalny.com/p/5576/ What’s happening and what to do In fact it’s clear. It really is possible to win an election against them. And this would have been obvious to anyone who travelled with us around the regions. To tell the […]

Raid in St. Petersburg

by Sarah Hurst This afternoon police in St. Petersburg raided Alexei Navalny’s campaign headquarters in St. Petersburg. They forced volunteers and journalists out of the premises and held coordinator Polina Kostyleva inside for several hours. Apparently they were trying to decide whether to charge her with disobeying police […]

What are Alexei Navalny’s policies?

Banking Navalny has criticised the government for rescuing failing banks with taxpayers’ money. Business Navalny promises to reduce taxes on small business and regulation and make Russia’s economy less dependent on oil and gas. He would also cancel the Plato lorry drivers’ tax that sparked mass protests. Chechnya […]

Prison again

by Sarah Hurst Vladimir Putin raised the stakes last night by sending his opponent Alexei Navalny and Navalny’s campaign chief Leonid Volkov to prison for 20 days each. Banning Navalny from the presidential election on March 18 hasn’t stopped him from holding a series of rallies around Russia […]