Ksenia Sobchak makes Kremlin happy

By Sarah Hurst Supporters of Alexei Navalny greeted Ksenia Sobchak’s announcement today that she was running for president primarily with disgust. The 35-year-old TV presenter and socialite whose late father Anatoly was Putin’s boss in St. Petersburg (and died in questionable circumstances) had been hinting at a run […]

ECHR compensation

by Sarah Hurst The European Court of Human Rights ruled today that the conviction of Alexei Navalny and his brother Oleg for embezzlement in the so-called “Yves Rocher case” in 2014 was unfair and that the Russian government should pay them compensation of 55,000 euros and 28,000 euros […]

Punishing protesters

By Sarah Hurst The protests across Russia on October 7 attracted media attention worldwide, but now that interest has waned, arrests and trials are happening continuously. The website OVD-Info that monitors politically-motivated arrests has published a regional rundown of what’s happened so far in the wake of the […]

Navalny’s message to protesters

Translated by Sarah Hurst Original: https://navalny.com/p/5579/ For now I only know about how the actions of October 7 went from what the radio broadcasts. But even so it’s clear to me: only you move the country forward – those who came out onto the streets yesterday or participated in […]

Putin’s birthday

by Sarah Hurst At the end of a long day in which thousands of protesters took to the streets in dozens of cities across Russia, people are still shouting slogans such as “Putin is a thief!” and “Free Navalny!” on Moscow’s Manezh Square and St. Petersburg’s Palace Square. […]

Navalny’s appeal rejected

by Sarah Hurst Alexei Navalny was brought to a Moscow court in handcuffs for his appeal against his 20-day prison sentence today, surrounded by uniformed guards. A crowd of journalists tried to get into the courtroom, but only one or two were allowed in. The courtroom was already […]

Nationwide crackdown

by Sarah Hurst The crackdown on Navalny campaigners continued today, with coordinator of the St. Petersburg headquarters Polina Kostyleva appearing in court charged with organising an unauthorised rally on October 7. Kostyleva was detained on Tuesday when police raided the HQ, then released before trial. She was of […]

Stanislav Belkovsky searched

by Sarah Hurst Well-known liberal political scientist and Dozhd TV presenter Stanislav Belkovsky has told the channel that authorities searched his home in Moscow “in connection with the YUKOS case” this morning. The search was one of many being carried out today that target employees and supporters of […]