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Navalny launches his campaign

by Sarah Hurst Alexei Navalny announced that he would run for president of Russia on December 13, 2016. On February 8, 2017 a judge in Kirov found Navalny guilty of embezzlement and gave him a five-year suspended sentence, which meant that he would be ineligible to participate in […]

Navalny launches election manifesto

by Sarah Hurst Alexei Navalny has announced his manifesto for the Russian presidential election, scheduled for March 18 – from which he is still banned because of a conviction on fabricated charges. He launched the manifesto with a series of short videos drawing attention to the problems in […]

Putin’s victory tour

by Sarah Hurst Vladimir Putin demonstrated to Russians yesterday that he is the leader of the world’s most important superpower, making a surprise visit to Bashar al-Assad in Syria, and then seeing his ruthless counterparts Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in Egypt and Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey. As Donald […]

Navalny on the march

by Sarah Hurst Alexei Navalny held three more rallies this weekend, in Barnaul, Novokuznetsk and Kaliningrad. Last time Navalny was in Barnaul, in March to open his campaign headquarters there, he was sprayed in the face with green chemicals while he was walking down the street. He wasn’t […]

Protester gets 18 months in prison

by Sarah Hurst A judge in Moscow has sentenced 33-year-old repair man Dmitri Krepkin to 18 months in prison for allegedly causing “serious pain” to an OMON riot policeman during the anti-corruption protest organised by Alexei Navalny on March 26. As Grani.ru reported, Krepkin was accused of hurting […]

Putin’s big day

by Sarah Hurst After attempting to create suspense by delaying his announcement, Vladimir Putin finally admitted today that he plans to participate in his own rigged presidential election on March 18. He did this at the GAZ automotive plant in Nizhny Novgorod, and was greeted by chants of […]

Obstacles don’t stop Navalny’s rallies

by Sarah Hurst Alexei Navalny held rallies in Saratov, Pskov and Samara this weekend, overcoming increasingly creative efforts by local authorities to stop him. In Saratov police confiscated his stage, and he was forced to speak in a children’s playground after a handful of “patriotic singers” occupied the […]